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Female Driving Instructors

Why Female Driving Instructors?

There are fewer female Driving Instructors in the UK than male, so driving lessons taught by a female instructor can be hard to find.

All Approved Driving Instructors are fully qualified to teach you to drive regardless of their gender. There may be a number of reasons why a learner driver would choose to take their driving lessons with a female ADI instead of a male ADI.

You might, for example, prefer to learn with a woman driving instructor if this keeps your nerves at bay, or if you feel more comfortable in a female’s company. Likewise, some learners specifically choose to take their driving lessons with a male driving instructor because they feel more comfortable in a male’s company.

SDS offers a variety of different types of lesson – such as manual and automatic, or lessons in a foreign language – to make sure you have a positive experience (and the nerves don’t distract you from the road). Some people also feel more comfortable being taught by a female driving instructor, and if that’s how you feel then it’s worth giving us a call.

Because lessons are more productive when you’ve got a good relationship with your teacher, we want to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. That’s why all of our instructors, regardless their gender, are registered, DBS checked and are passionate about driving and are good with people.

As with all our Instructors, our friendly female instructors will provide you with the level of tuition that you would expect from one of the fastest growing driving schools in the UK keeping young drivers and first time drivers in mind.